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A Quality Homes & Maintenance Services
Structural Redesign

Give Your Home A Face Lift For A Fresh Look

Are you living in an aging home? Has the excitement you had when you moved in worn off? We can help...

We are happy to help redesign your home or storefront to make it look brand new. We can even change the shape of your home or office with our structural redesign services. If this is an idea that interests you, give us a call. We have years of experience redesigning homes and are happy to take a look at your existing house and share some ideas of what's possible.

Already Have An Idea? We Can Build It!

If you've been thinking about redesigning your home and have some ideas of what you'd like to do, talk them over with a professional. We won't tell you what to do; we'll just listen to your ideas and figure out ways to make it happen! Not only that, but we can help you ensure that your dream home will pass inspections, be structurally sound, and most importantly, look absolutely beautiful. Want to see some examples? We have a bunch of pictures of the same home you see above in our gallery.

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A.D.A. Approved - Barrier Free

AQHMS can be sure that your freshly redesigned home is 100% barrier-free, handicap accessible and A.D.A. compliant. Contact us today by calling (734) 968-4509 or you can email us here.

Electrical Services

Need Help With Your Electrical?

A lot of electrical work requires an experienced electrician to make sure it's done properly and safely.

At AQHMS you'll find professional electrician services no matter how big or small the job is. We can help with everything from wiring an addition to rewiring an entire home or office building. Give us a call today and let us know what kind of electrical services you need and we'll be happy to give you a free estimate.

Hiring an electrician isn't something people need to do very often so when it comes to finding someone, a lot of people turn to the phone book. However, how do you know how much experience that person has? Rather than trusting your safety to a page full of people claiming to be professionals, why not give a real expert a call? AQHMS has been doing electrical work on both large and small scales for years. We have run electrical out to new Pole Barns, rewired homes, and are we confident we can provide you with the professional electrician services your project requires.

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Commercial Maintenance & Contracting

Property Maintenance & Construction

Do you need help keeping your commercial property updated? We can help with your commercial maintenance and construction needs.

If you have a commercial building or property, it's important to regularly maintain it. Not only will this keep the value of your property high, but it will help ensure your tenants stay safe. Whether you need to paint, resurface, or finish a commercial building's interior, or maintain the exterior we can help. We've worked on a number of commercial properties throughout the area and are happy to help you with yours. You can see some of our commercial work in our gallery including Office Build Outs and Railing & Balcony Construction.

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A.D.A. Approved - Barrier Free

AQHMS can be sure that your commercial building and its facilities are 100% barrier-free, handicap accessible and A.D.A. compliant. Or if you have an existing one that needs to be converted, we can help. Contact us today by calling (734) 968-4509 or you can email us here.