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Finished Basement

Get More Living Space With A Finished Basement

We can help you with your entire basement finishing needs, from creating a fully-functional apartment space, a unique man cave, or anything in between; hire the company that more Sumpter residents trust.

No matter what kind of clutter your basement has now, it's full of a lot more than just "junk" and possessions you may have forgot about. It's also stuffed full of potential! In fact, with a little planning and some TLC, finishing your basement can make this the most popular room in your home. While you probably already have an idea of how you'd like to use your finished basement, our years of experience can help you refine your plans to ensure the finished product is a true success.

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Looking for ideas? Find out what others in Sumpter are doing with their finished basements.

Maybe you've been thinking about it for a while, or maybe you've just started recently. You may already have your dream basement in your head, with every detail outlined, or maybe you just want some guidance or ideas to help you decide how you want to finish your basement. Whatever your situation, know that AQHMS has your back. Below you'll find some of the most popular things people do with their finished basements in Sumpter to help get your creativity flowing:

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A Play Room:
If you have a family with children, adding a play room in your basement is a great way to keep the rest of your house a little more in order. If it gets too messy, you can always just shut the door until "cleaning day."
A Home Theater:
With Blu-ray, Netflix, big screens and HD projectors, you can make your basement into the ultimate theater experience. If you're a moviegoer, the money you'll save from watching movies in your custom theater compared to going to the movies will help pay the cost of the renovation in no time.
Craft Room or Workshop
For the creative person, a basement is a great place for your workshop or craft room. Basements are much easier to keep warm than an outdoor or garage workshop, especially in winter!
Dry Storage
Waterproofing your basement will give you tons of extra space to store all sorts of things. From hobbies to holidays, you can keep all of your belongings safe and sound and out of the way of your everyday life.
A Home Gym
Create a perfect home gym with the weights and equipment you like to use and save those monthly gym fees for something else!
Gentleman... Build Your Man Caves
Every man needs his getaway. Convert your unfinished basement dungeon into the man cave that will make all your friends want to come and hang out. And ladies, make him put a bathroom and fridge down there so you can have your space while he and his friends do "guy stuff."
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Finishing a basement is a lot like remodeling a bathroom or kitchen; you want to start with a plan.

After you choose what your finished basement is going to be used for, it's nice to have someone with experience help you make the most of the renovation. An important fact to consider is the lack of windows. Unlike other rooms in your home, the lack of windows in your basement mean you're going to want to plan for plenty of lighting. And, with all the bare walls where windows might be on your main or upper floors, you can make the most of the available space by building an entertainment center into the area, including built in shelving, and in some cases, even moving support beams to open up the floor plan.

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Pro Tips For Finishing Your Basement

Sometimes the smallest details can really make or break your basement finishing project. Our experienced team can offer careful planning ideas like placement for snack and beverage storage and design for TV/entertainment area to reduce glare and give the best viewing and we are happy to lend our knowledge to you. We can also help ensure your finished basement can combat mildew and mold with special products including tough sump pumps and moisture-resistant drywall products that have been proven to prevent mold and mildew buildup.

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